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sukanto Kuri
30 de jun. de 2022
In Yoga
According to these two characteristics, teachers can guide students to conduct group discussions, and summarize the design principles of carousel posters in the form of brainstorming, and then the teachers can refine and summarize. (2) Design principles of carousel posters 1. Highlight the visual center of gravity. The carousel poster is located at the top of the screen of the mobile phone. When people's eyes contact the poster layout, their eyes will stay in the central visual circle from top to bottom, which is the visual center of the poster layout. In poster design, the main body and important elements are generally placed in the visual center of gravity. The visual center of gravity has the function of highlighting Image Manipulation Service the subject and clarifying the information. The horizontal and vertical directions of the picture are equally divided into three parts by two horizontal lines and two vertical lines, and the resulting intersection is called the psychological domination point, and the position of the visual center of gravity is near the psychological domination point of the overall layout. Placing important elements near psychological dominance points can accentuate the visual center of gravity. Using the rule of thirds to highlight the visual center of gravity can grab the user's attention in a short period of time and introduce more traffic to the store. 2. Reasonable arrangement of graphics. Graphics are the communication medium that can make viewers get information at a glance, and it is the primary factor that attracts people's attention to advertising. How to highlight the visual center of gravity of graphics? (1) Increase the area of ​​the graphics: Larger objects will naturally be seen first by people, which can attract people's attention. (2) Increase the density of graphics: densely arranged objects can attract more attention, while scattered pictures will be distracting. (3) Simple background foil.